phone receiving a scam call

Scam Call – Pretending To Be Police

Message from Gloucestershire Constabulary

We are receiving a lot of reports of people receiving phone calls from an alleged police officer.

The person asks if the caller wants to take part in a crime survey and asks for name, date of birth , address , further contact details, whether they live with anyone else, is there any CCTV at their address or neighbouring properties, their financial status and family contacts.

Police will never ask for this information over the phone and we will never ask you to provide bank or debit cards details.

Another call is where the fake officer will tell you your bank account has been targeted and the bank are in on it. They will encourage you to transfer your funds into a “safe” account. Once the funds have been transferred the money is lost.

A good way to monitor calls is to buy an answer phone and only answer trusted numbers. Scammer don’t like answer phones and when they hear the message they will hang up.

Many thanks
PC 2201 Nick Westmacott