Scam Alert

Recently a rise in a new scam has been reported in the Cirencester area for which we are asking people to become more vigilant.

Victims have received text messages from an unrecognised number. The message contains text along the lines of “HI MUM MY PHONE FELL, I DROPPED MY PHONE AND SHATTERRED IT, THIS IS MY NEW NUMBER”. The victim then understandably replies to the number and at this point the suspect will make up a story whereby they request money as they are in financial difficulty and supply bank details for a transfer to be made.

We are reminding people to take care when they receive messages like this and to take all precautions before engaging with the sender – especially if any request for money is received.

If you have any doubt about the text whatsoever, always contact the person the sender is pretending to be to see if the story is true – but remember to use the original telephone numbers you have for them, do not use the numbers supplied in these messages.

Once this has been verified as a fraudulent attempt to obtain money, please report the matter direct to Action Fraud online who will collate the details for the report and forward on to the relevant Constabulary.

Message Sent By
Martin West (Police, PC, Cotswolds)