Register of Electors Annual Canvass of Empty Properties

From Cotswold District Council

Cotswold District Council undertakes an annual check of properties in the District and this year’s is now under way.

The canvass starts with a data matching process against Dept. of Work and Pension records.  This gives us two sets of properties – those where all the electors match to DWP (Route 1) and those where all or some electors don’t match (Route 2).

The canvass began with an email to Route 1 properties a couple of weeks ago. The email asked residents to confirm or change their details. If no response is received from a property, a form will be posted to those households at the end of August.
These Route 1 property forms do not require a response from the householder unless there are changes to be made. Once the forms have been posted, our work on these properties is complete although we review entries throughout the year using internal data such as council tax records. Therefore, as no reminder form will be sent, it is important that any household that requires changes to be made, returns the form to us or makes changes online.

Route 2 properties will receive a form within the next 10 days and we do need a response to these. Therefore, if no response is received we will follow up with a posted reminder and finally a canvasser visit to the property.

Also, as part of the process we will be sending a separate information sheet to properties that currently don’t have any electors registered and I attach a copy of this for your information.

Would residents please note that the canvass has started and, if required to, respond to the form as soon as possible.  The form will explain how to respond.