Police Alert – Telephone Scam

Scam Alert (Sent on behalf of Cotswold Neighbourhood Inspector, Simon Ellson)

Cotswolds Police have been made aware today by local residents in Cirencester of a potential telephone scam. 

Residents have informed Police that they are receiving a phone call from people pretending to be Police Officers and asking them to move money into a “safe account” Residents are told it is to “protect your money” . You may be told you will be arrested if you don’t do it. 

Please don’t do this, this is a scam. A Police officer would not call you and request you to move money, or threaten you with arrest for failing to pay money. 

Please report any suspicious activity to us.

Message Sent By
Beth Mackenzie
(Police, LPSO, Cotswold Local Policing Team, Cirencester)