Police Alert – Door to Door Sellers

We have received a high number of calls today about door to door sellers in the North Cotswolds. These sellers have been found to not have the correct licences to sell door to door.

We have moved them on and they have gone on to sell in other local areas. Unfortunately we have not had any reports of criminal activity reported to arrest them or been able to seized the goods they are selling.

We inform the public about these sellers from time to time and it is best practice to be polite and say no to them. If they become aggressive in their sales tactics please call us as the majority of residents have done today.

It is an offence to sell door to door without peddlers licence and most of these sellers have fake licences. If we can prove they have sold items illegally we can give them a fine.

We are aware that these unscrupulous sellers can pass on information about vulnerable residents and can lead to distraction burglaries at a later date.

Please look after vulnerable neighbours.

Many thanks
PC 2201 Nick Westmacott

Message Sent By
Nicholas Westmacott (Police, PC, Cirencester)