Thank you to the businesses that have generously donated towards the town’s Christmas lights fund

Business xmas lights donation poster 2 Dec 2021

Town Council Christmas office hours

Christmas Hours

Christmas Hours:
The office will be closed from
1.00 pm Tuesday 21st December
10.00 am Tuesday 4th January 2022

Merry Christmas from Stow on the Wold Town Council




Police Alert – Door to Door Sellers

We have received a high number of calls today about door to door sellers in the North Cotswolds. These sellers have been found to not have the correct licences to sell door to door.

We have moved them on and they have gone on to sell in other local areas. Unfortunately we have not had any reports of criminal activity reported to arrest them or been able to seized the goods they are selling.

We inform the public about these sellers from time to time and it is best practice to be polite and say no to them. If they become aggressive in their sales tactics please call us as the majority of residents have done today.

It is an offence to sell door to door without peddlers licence and most of these sellers have fake licences. If we can prove they have sold items illegally we can give them a fine.

We are aware that these unscrupulous sellers can pass on information about vulnerable residents and can lead to distraction burglaries at a later date.

Please look after vulnerable neighbours.

Many thanks
PC 2201 Nick Westmacott

Message Sent By
Nicholas Westmacott (Police, PC, Cirencester)



Action Fraud Alert – 23m People Used 123456 as a Password

Whether it’s your Facebook, Amazon, or Netflix account, the explosion in popularity of online apps and services means more and more of us have to remember an increasingly long list of passwords.Unfortunately, some of us cope with this challenge by resorting to practices that leave our data, devices and money at risk – by using the same password across multiple accounts, or by creating simple passwords that could easily be guessed by hackers. Bad password practice is more prevalent than you might think – the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre carried out analysis of passwords leaked in data breaches and found that more than 23 million users worldwide used 123456 as a password. You can read more about it here:

Here are some top tips that will make your life easier and your online accounts more secure:

1: Creating memorable passwords

A good way to create strong, memorable passwords is by using 3 random words. But remember, don’t use words that can be guessed (like your pet’s name). You can include numbers and symbols if you need to. For example, “RedPantsTree4!”

2: Saving passwords in your browser

Saving your password in your browser means letting your web browser (such as Chrome, Safari or Edge) remember your password for you.

This can help:

  • make sure you do not lose or forget your passwords
  • protect you against some cyber crime, such as fake websites

It is safer than using weak passwords, or using the same password in more than one place.

Here are some useful links on how you can start saving passwords in your browser: Google ChromeMicrosoft EdgeFirefoxSafari.

3: Email account passwords

If a hacker gets into your email account, they could:

  • reset your other online account passwords
  • access personal information you have saved about yourself or your business

Your email password should be strong and different to all your other passwords. This will make it harder to crack or guess.

Need help changing your email account password? You can use these links to find step by step instructions: Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, BT, AOL Mail.

For more of the government’s latest advice on how to stay secure online, visit the Cyber Aware website:

Thanks for reading! If you found this information useful, please help us spread the word by forwarding this email to your friends.

Message Sent By
Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)


Police Alert – Fraud Telephone Call


Following a Scam call received yesterday by a Cotswold resident we wish to raise awareness around the threat.

On this occasion a male telephoned claiming to be a Police officer from the serial Fraud Taskforce. The fraudster tricked the resident into going to their bank and withdrawing a large amount of cash.

They then organised for a courier to attend the address and collect the money. This ordeal lasted for the majority of the day and has obviously caused a large amount of distress and upset.

We ask that the message is passed that under no circumstance will any Police, Bank or organisation ever ask for Money to be taken out or moved between accounts.

If any call is received asking for such, please terminate the call immediately and notify Action FRAUD at or 0300 123 2040, or your local Policing team.

Tips on prevention can also be found on this website.

Message Sent By
Paul Hancock (Police, PCSO, Cirencester)