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Gloucestershire OPCC Newsletter, Summer 2021

In Tandem, the newsletter from Gloucestershire’s Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is now available to download here. This is the first newsletter following the election of Gloucestershire’s new Police and Crime Commissioner, Chris Nelson.  

Ghost Brokers – Fraud Alert

Just 15% of people have heard of a ‘ghost broker’.* Do you know what one is? Have you ever heard of a ‘ghost broker’? No, we are not talking about things that go bump in the night – this is a lot scarier. ‘Ghost brokers’ are fraudsters who sell fake or invalid car insurance policies. […]

Scam Alert – Covid Vaccine Passport Scam

We have been made aware of a Covid Vaccine Passport scam email going around that purports to be from the NHS and informs recipients that they can apply for their “Digital Coronavirus Passports” Clicking on the link within the email, takes you to a convincing but fake NHS website that asks for personal and payment details. […]

Keeping to Footpaths – Police Alert

We have been asked by a number of local landowners to remind the public to keep to public footpaths.  This is to protect crops and to protect wildlife in the margins.  Some owners have reported signs placed to remind walkers to keep to footpaths have been torn down and discarded in the hedge rows. Please […]